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Lo Chi Leung, Derek Yee

Viva Erotica

Hong Kong




Beloved Hong Kong icon Leslie Cheung (Happy Together) stars as Sing, an ambitious out-of-work filmmaker with two flops to his name. When his producer secures funding for his next project from a freshly cleaned-up Triad financier, he is saddled with the sexy Taipei starlet Mango (Shu Qi). Tasked with being more "Wong Jing than Wong Kar-wai" and encouraged by his long-suffering girlfriend (pop diva Karen Mok), Sing gets to work on his first softcore porno.

Featuring a star-making performance from the stunning Shu Qi (Millennium Mambo) as the production’s stubborn ingénue, alongside her Sex & Zen II co-star Elvis Tsui, Viva Erotica offers an electrifying behind-the-scenes look at the sleazy world of Category III filmmaking in a declining industry. Inspired by the career of Bosco Lam (A Chinese Torture Chamber Story) and Lo Chi-leung’s arduous experiences as an assistant-director-from-hell, the film is replete with tongue-in-cheek references and guest cameos from the likes of Anthony Wong (Ebola Syndrome) and Sean Lau Ching-wan (Running Out Of Time). Viva Erotica is an ode to artistry and perseverance that now stands as one of the defining Hong Kong films of the 1990s.

• High Definition presentation
• Interview with co-director Lo Chi-leung
• Commentary by film scholar Brian Hu and journalist Ada Tseng (Saturday School podcast).
• New writing by Ross Chen
• Optional English and Chinese subtitles

New covert art by Derek Gabryszak and Leo Mak
Vinegar Syndrome Exclusive / Limited Edition of 3000.



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