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Daisuke Miyazaki






Ai (a superbly laconic Tomona Hirota) haunts the streets of Osaka dressed as a mascot. After going home with a stranger, she wakes up to find footage of their intimate encounter uploaded to a porn site. As all systems of recourse and remedy fail her and her sense of dislocation and alienation intensifies, Ai resorts to a strange solution.

Following the rap-inflected drama Yamato (California) and the globe-trotting Tourism, Daisuke Miyazaki unveils another potent subversion of the so-called monolith of Japanese culture. Videophobia unfolds as paranoid techno-thriller about identity, set on the backstreets of an industrial and multicultural Osaka captured here in beautiful, stark black-and-white. Concerns with obsessive image-making and issues of surveillance and consent in the digital age are embodied in the plight of a young woman from the city’s Koreatown; in an eerie film about the self – watching us as much as we watch it.

• High Definition Presentation
• Video Introduction by Director Daisuke Miyazaki
• Newly commissioned short film, I’ll Be Your Mirror (2022, 9 mins)
• "Videophobia MV" by Baku Feat. Jin Dogg, Nunchaku (Tatsuro Mukai, Kumi), Tomy Wealth
• An Interview with the Daisuke Miyazaki by Justine Smith and BTS Photographs
• Japanese Theatrical Trailer
• Optional English, English SDH, Japanese, Chinese Subtitles
• Transparent I'll Be Your Mirror Sticker
• Region Free Blu-ray

New cover art by Pearl Chan and Ariel Esteban Cayer, from original poster.



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